Southern Cape Tea Company is South Africa’s best organic Honeybush Tea grower and producer, offering a range of organic and healthy beverages that is enjoyed by people of all ages, at any time of the day or night.

Our Honeybush and Honeybush & Rooibos teas offer a taste that reflects South Africa: full of flavour, with a subtle style of its own.

We only use tea that is cultivated in South Africa. All of our current and future tea products will always be 100% South African produce, and all of our products are 100% organic.


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Southern Cape Tea Company’s mission is to produce and distribute the best organic tea throughout South Africa and beyond. Our motto and ethos is: 100% organic produce; 100% South African tea. 

At Southern Cape Tea Company, we make our tea by using organic production methods and ethical business practises. We understand the importance of liaising with local businesses, and we aim to continue to work with our affiliates to produce and promote our tea.

We do not use or support any use of GMOs – organic is the only way for Southern Cape Tea Company.




At our Kleinberg Farm we cultivate the cyclopia longifolia plat for our Honeybush Tea.

Our decision to cultivate the cyclopia longifolia plant at the Kleinberg Farm in the Crags, Plettenberg Bay, was for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, the land-type in the Crags suits the cyclopia longifolia more than other species of the cyclopia plant, making it a better choice for the ecosystem it needs to survive and thrive in.

The cyclopia longifolia plant was listed as an endangered species, and it was our position that, as a company and a member of the honeybush industry, we should be part of the solution to ensure that this plant is safe from extinction. The cyclopia longifolia’s tea has a more palatable and longer lasting taste than cyclopia intermedia, and has a beautiful aroma and fills the room long after the tea has been drank.

We source our organic Rooibos Tea from the Cederberg Region of South Africa, and we ensure that it’s the same high standard as the Honeybush Tea we use in our packaged products.


The Crags Farm has been producing organic tea for the last six years but has a long history.

The Behr family farm has been in operation since 1947, and as well as producing organic tea the Kurland Hotel is also situated next to the Crags Farm.

The Behr family philosophy has always been to use organic farming methods, ensuring that our soil are rich in minerals and free of synthetic pesticides, to promote a balanced eco system for the benefit of our land and our tea. The Southern Cape Tea Company continues this ethos today in all of our practises, and we always will.

Today our Honeybush and Rooibos Tea are organically harvested as a beverage, famed for its incredible health properties and unique taste.